According to the most qualified theories (historic and scientific) the Tibetan Mastiff represent the main source for the “Molossoidi” breed ( short and long coat) of the world .
This breed have more than 3.000 years of history. Since the III century before Christ, Aristotle talked about it and Marco Polo compare it to a donkey. Independently to this statement should we affirm that exist Tibetan Mastiff that should reach the maximum dimension of the biometric canine scale.
Over the historic perspective, the Tibetan Mastiffs was used to monitor and defend village and monastery and to keep away wolf, bear and snow leopard ( the wonderful Ibis ) .
Today, in the modern era the Tibetan Mastiff have the function of guard dog for houses , villas, factories , construction site , family and herd .
Over the striking look for his dimension, for color and his peculiarity (leonine mane in several subject) his character amazed us .
Thanks to my personal experience with the Tibetan Mastiff should I affirm that has a pleasant character, well – balanced and affectionate with the owner and his family.
My dogs play together without any problem.
Naturally the Tibetan Mastiff do not hesitate in defend his property and his family from intrusive and various danger with his power and determination.
Today the Tibetan Mastiff is well considered and commercial desired.
In the 2011 in China a Tibetan Mastiff of one year named HONG DONG were sold for an amount of 1,1 Milion of Euro .
In the 2010 a subject named RED LION were sold for an amount of 1,05 Milion of Euro .
In the 2009 a subject named YANGTZEE RIVER were sold for 450.000 Euro .